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About Us

What is Nabati?

Nabati (na-ba-tee) is the arabic word for plant-based. 

Who is Nabati? 

We are a family-owned business. We love desserts, but we did not like how difficult it was to find guilt-free healthful treats that tasted great. So we started making our own versions of our favourite desserts using nutritious cruelty-free ingredients that satisfy our cravings without any guilt.  

We founded Nabati Foods hoping to inspire those who value their health to indulge in real, clean, plant-based foods for a nourished, sustainable and compassionate life.

At Nabati, we believe the most mouthwatering foods can still be healthy. That’s why we create delicious treats out of natural, plant-based ingredients we know our customers love.

We are dedicated to ensuring everyone can enjoy sweet treats, regardless of their dietary preferences or food allergies. Every day, we are motivated by our passion for celebrating health and our commitment to helping you live well.

Our Ingredients

We use whole (NON-GMO), unrefined fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Dates (one of our main ingredients) are used as our main sweetener, as well as for their nutritional value. From dates, we produce our in-house caramel, date paste, and syrup. Without artificial colouring, the naturally bright colours of our products are made with vegetables, increasing the nutritional value without compromising on taste. We source our ingredients from reputable as well as reliable suppliers that source our ingredients as direct as possible from producers fairly. 


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