Nabati Foods Inc. - Raw Vegan Gluten-Free
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Interested in offering your customers plant-based desserts that are dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free? You've come to the right place.

At Nabati Foods Inc. we work hard to change the perception of vegan desserts by creating compelling artistic raw vegan desserts that are nutritious as well as delicious. Using whole-food ingredients without any modified ingredients or refined sugar we prepare quality plant-based cheesecakes which are unlike any out there.

We are currently partnered with many local businesses and organizations and we are always looking forward to forming new partnerships to make our products available everywhere across Canada. 


We are listed with SYSCO in Edmonton and Calgary, please contact us for more information or speak to your Sysco Representative if you wish to order directly from them. 

If you don't use a distributor, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to begin a simple process to become a partner.